Help the Restaurant Industry Recover

Identity Resolution Will Help the Restaurant Industry Recover

To help the restaurant industry recover from the mind-boggling loss of business related to coronavirus, identity resolution is a MUST. This is especially true in the ultra-competitive space of fast-casual and quick-service dining. 

Identity resolution links every customer touchpoint through a single, real-time portal that makes omnichannel personalization possible. 

It is how restaurant brands can answer diner-specific questions like:

  • How often does this patron order from us?

  • What items does the patron usually order from our menu?

  • How far does this patron travel to get food from our restaurant? 

  • Does this patron typically order from us online or do they walk-in?

Knowledge like this is important considering 79% of diners want personalized offers and recommendations.

Identity resolution driving an enhanced customer experience

Fast-casual and quick-service restaurants understand the customer experience shapes lifetime customer value—where they struggle is in creating an exceptional and individualized customer experience.

To help the restaurant industry recover as quickly as possible, it will be important for brands to begin optimizing their marketing strategies by moving away from audience-based targeting and towards patron-based targeting (i.e. 1:1 targeting).

In an era where consumers are connected to the internet 24/7 and more willing to share their data with restaurants than ever before (84% of diners trust eateries with their information), using omnichannel personalization at every touchpoint is critical. 

Identity Resolution is the engine that makes this possible; it’s what enables fast-casual and quick-serve restaurants to watch individual consumer signals in real time across channels. 

For example, right now…
  • 12% of people are ordering out at least 5X a week.

For fast-casual and quick-service restaurants using Identity Resolution technology, it’s possible to monitor these diners at an individual level, identify clear patterns, and target them in their moment of need. In doing so, fast-casual and quick-service restaurants can succeed in capturing additional orders and driving real lift.
  • 65% of people who visit a fast-casual restaurant for pick up also visit a quick-serve restaurant on the same trip.

Using identity resolution, quick-service restaurants can more effectively target diners en route to an FCR with persuasive, personalized messaging.

One-size-fits-all offers have lost their appeal

Olive Garden’s endless soup, salad, and breadsticks deal is one of the most successful promotional offers in the history of the restaurant industry (right up there with McDonald’s Dollar Menu). 

olive garden

The Italian themed fast-casual eatery has been pushing the promotion since what feels like its inception in 1982. Despite being low in epicurean circles, Olive Garden uses its “endless offer” to lure millions of customers in the door every year. (And serve as many as 700 million breadsticks in the process.)    

But one-size-fits all offers are losing their appeal with American diners. People expect more from both fast-casual and quick-service restaurants. People want personalized dining offers that suit their needs, interests, and preferences. They want restaurants to recognize their individuality (that they’re gluten-free, vegan, lactose intolerant, etc.) and create customized offers accordingly. 

In other words, Jamie—a weight-conscious, vegetarian—doesn’t want to see an email promotion from Burger King for a “Free Order of Large French Fries With the Purchase of any Whopper.”

Jamie only wants to see an email promotion for a “Free Bottled Water with the Purchase of any Side Garden Salad.”

Identity Resolution will help the restaurant industry recover

Restaurants collect a crazy amount of data (POS data, app data, website data, etc.). But they lack a way to use that data personalized marketing at scale. In other words, they’re sitting on top of an oil well without a drill.

That’s why Identity Resolution will help the restaurant industry recover. Identity Resolution is the beating heart of personalized marketing. And for the restaurant industry, it’s the only path forward. 

Of course, it’s not an easy path. Associating digital IDs across different devices and tying them back to one unique identity is hard. But with the right ID Resolution partner , both fast-casual and quick-service restaurants can get it done. 

They can…
  • Build more complete customer profiles.
  • Run marketing campaigns with increased precision.
  • Manage frequency, assign attribution, and maximize ROI with greater ease. 


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