Introducing: Customer Data Management Plus More – Zeta’s CDP+

By: Christian Monberg, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product at Zeta

In the era of COVID-19, marketers are facing the ultimate challenge: acquiring new customers and growing existing relationships in a time where every brand is trying to do the same thing. 

Understanding both customers and prospects in the context of their journey with your brand is essential. Enriching this understanding from outside the four walls of your brand so you can communicate empathetically is the challenge. 

Solving this problem is something that we at Zeta aim to accomplish with the release of CDP+. While the Customer Data Platform (CDP) landscape has been evolving, at Zeta we believe marketers need more than just tag management and a unified view of customers. Zeta CDP+ was built to expand basic customer data management and meet the needs of progressive marketers to grow revenue, build better customer experiences, and support digital transformation strategies. 

Our solution provides everything in a CDP – PLUS more benefits, including:  

    • A single view of the consumer –  plus persistent (deterministic) ID management for prospects and customers

    • Centralized data –  plus the ability to merge and use new data sources immediately 

    • Data enrichment –  plus infused proprietary intent and behaviors 

    • Data Integrityplus advanced systems for normalization, hygiene and unification

    • Measurement and analytics –  plus AI-generated insights and Zeta’s Opportunity Explorer

    • Live Segmentationplus native omnichannel personalization capabilities 

The benefits of CDP+ over a traditional CDP 

Built with the agility, speed, & flexibility that today’s marketer needs 

The ability to quickly import, clean and use data from countless sources in segmentation and campaigning is critical to marketers, but rarely easy. CDP+ simplifies the process through a flexible data architecture and scalable hygiene framework that accelerates the timeline for data activation and value creation – all of which are completely compliant with data and privacy regulations.

Sophisticated identity management that enables the most intelligent 360 customer view
As the future of the marketing industry evolves (in a cookieless world), having superior id resolution, data enrichment and engagement capabilities will become increasingly important to marketers. 

CDP+ provides a richer, more actionable real-time consumer view at an individual level through smarter data unification. Easily onboard and transport both known and unknown consumer data in real-time, manage cross-channel identities (with our bespoke id stitching including CRM, cookies, and even direct mail), and enrich customer profiles with Zeta’s proprietary Data Cloud of 2500+ proprietary signals from 2.4B+ identities. 

Enable real-time decisioning to power better marketing for both prospects and customers
Sure, most CDPs have machine learning to inform decisioning – but most lack the ability to ingest and make sense of data in real-time. Zeta CDP+ uniquely empowers marketers to maximize all their data to inform better decisioning for both prospects AND customers. 

Uncover real-time interests, discover purchase intent, and build lookalike audiences to instantly target more prospects who look like your best customers. The end result? More effective personalization, mitigated media waste, more high-value audiences to engage with, and ultimately — more high-value customers. 

Our team would love to show you how you can maximize the value of your customer data and rapidly grow your business with CDP+. We can’t wait to work with you – please get in touch with us!


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