The 9 Trends Successful Marketers Can’t Ignore in 2022

Two years into our new normal, audiences no longer feel like they’re stuck in a moment. Mindsets are shifting as people continue to look forward into the future. Even with the proliferation of new variants, consumers are shifting back to old shopping habits as consumer buying trends shift ever upward. But their shopping habits have changed. Consumers now expect evermore personalized marketing experiences and brands to meet them where they are—no matter the platform. Below, We identify the key marketing trends and strategies that will shape brands’ marketing strategies and consumer habits moving into 2022 and beyond. 

Marketing in a Digital-First World

Not just accelerating to digital, consumers are digital first 

Around 80% of consumers see the world as all digital, with no divide between the spaces, as of 2022. And the numbers back this up. By 2025 mobile commerce is expected to make up over 10% of retail sales, a 2.5x increase from the pre-2020 count. Additionally, CTV households will increase to 115.2 Million by 2025 and ad dollars are projected to keep pace—growing 28.4% year over year. All of this will result in a data collection of 175ZB. 

No longer Omnichannel, Customers want Omnipresent

People have gotten used to seamless experiences that can reach them wherever they are. Whether that’s in the store or on their couches. The goal is to have an instantaneous digital experience that can reach customers no matter where they’re located and on whatever device they’re using. Look for a solution that can help you work across channels to create a seamless experience for your customers. 

Best of Breed ≠ Best Solution

For a long time, cloud companies have been picking up smaller point solutions as a way to fill out their tech stack. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best in class. Instead of looking for the blue bloods, look for the best solution to fit your business. Companies with dedicated teams to help you onboard and grow your marketing strategies to success will often be a better fit than the plug and play solutions that others offer. 

The Future is Low-Code & No-Code

Marketing teams no longer have the ability to implement their own services by themselves, they’re too busy.The future is having no-code or low-code implementation so that teams can drag and drop what they need into their website. It will save time and save money through operational efficiencies. More than half of buyers for these solutions moving forward will be projected to be outside of IT moving forward, so making a consumer friendly platform will be pivotal for brands here.  

Have no fear, Identity alternatives are here 

Zero-Party Data

The industry has often talked about first-party data, and how it’s pivotal to marketing success. Well, the successor is zero-party data. It’s a way to have your audience completely opted-in and compliant, while offering them more personalized content that speaks to their own shopping interests. Enrich it with valuable customer data and you can see the marketing strategies really take off. 

The Necessity of Data-Clean Rooms

The necessity for data compliance will be a huge talking point as we move through 2022 and beyond. To meet this challenge, data-clean rooms have proliferated throughout the industry. They’re the best way to maintain compliance when it comes to PII, yet only two thirds of marketers are investing in them. Get ahead of the curve and secure yourself a data-clean room and you’ll be setting yourself up for success in the future. 

CDPs are the Bedrock for Brands

Customers are sick and tired of spray and pray approaches to marketing. One of the best ways to personalize your messages and reach your customers is through CDPs. The walled gardens of big cloud companies have accelerated the need to activate your own data. By having a CDP you reduce the risk of noncompliance while simultaneously increasing the individualized and personalized approach that you can have with your customers. 

The Constantly Connected Consumer 

The Rise of NFT’s

Mostly supported by the Ethereum blockchain, NFTs are expected to make waves as a powerful digital certification across all verticals. Unlike Bitcoin, NTFs are unique, meaning that they can’t be replaced with an alternative solution—they represent an ability to own, not rent. Showcasing a break from what has been historically done with digital assets. Today they are most often used in the art and collectible worlds. Tomorrow, they might be used across multiple industries, including: sports, travel, and auto to generate brand engagement and unlock new experiences. With NFT’s there is the ability to foster a passionate community and build revenue.

The Rise of the YOLO Economy

It’s been a long couple of years. People are ready to start doing experiential activities that they didn’t necessarily have the desire to do before. Brands must break the constraints of channel-based marketing to meet these customers and their desires where they are. They need a solution that can tell them what their customers need like never before. In order to best do this, look for a solution that gives you a 360 degree view of the customer. 

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