New Data Shows Vaccinated Americans Are More Hesitant to Travel Than Unvaccinated Americans

Based on data measured from consumers across the United States, Zeta believes vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans will take differing approaches to travel in the coming weeks.

Specifically, Zeta believes unvaccinated Americans will feel more confident about making (and actioning upon) travel plans.

As of this writing, 67% of vaccinated Americans will not travel until the end of May, whereas only 59% of unvaccinated Americans will wait that long.

In terms of air travel, approximately 33% of Americans will be uncomfortable stepping on an airplane before the start of June, be they vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Local restrictions matter more to vaccinated travelers

Interestingly, vaccinated Americans are far more concerned about the public health restrictions in place at their intended destinations than their unvaccinated counterparts.

81% of vaccinated Americans are concerned about the quality and scope of the public health restrictions in place at their intended destination—compare that to a mere 38% for those who are unvaccinated. As a matter of fact, 62% of unvaccinated travelers are “not at all” concerned with the local public health restrictions in place at their intended destinations.

Vaccinated Americans approach domestic travel differently

Insights matched from Zeta’s Data Cloud show vaccinated American’s are traveling in greater numbers to the Northeast and Midwest. This differs from the trends seen in unvaccinated Americans who are spending more time traveling in the Southeast, Southwest, and West Coast.

Top destinations regardless of vaccination status are:

  • New York, NY

  • Orlando, FL

  • Denver, CO

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

  • Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

  • Philadelphia, PA

Top destinations among vaccinated Americans:

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

  • Columbus, OH

  • Washington, DC

  • Boston, MA

  • Baltimore, MD

  • Cincinnati, OH

  • Indianapolis, IN

Top destinations among unvaccinated Americans:

  • Houston, TX

  • Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Salt Lake City, UT

  • San Antonio, TX

  • Seattle-Tacoma, WA

  • Austin, TX

  • Little Rock-Pine Bluff, AR

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