Why CMOs Need Predictive Analytics Now More Than Ever

There are many factors (some more important than others) that contribute to the success of a marketing campaign. But of all the factors to consider, predictive analytics might matter more than any other. Predictive analytics are what make it possible for brands to communicate with prospects and customers in a more persuasive way, and set new benchmarks for engagement and conversions. Here are a few other reasons why CMOs need predictive analytics now more than ever…

More intelligent segmentation

To nurture and grow an engaged consumer audience, segmentation is a must. But effective, intelligent segmentation requires predictive analytics to determine which consumers are most likely to engage with which…

  • Topics

  • Asset types

  • Offers and promotions

  • Products and services

  • Campaigns and messages

The insights offered by predictive analytics (framing rules, etc.) make it easier for CMOs to ensure their marketing teams are targeting the right audiences with campaigns. 

Mitigating unsubscribes

When it comes to measuring a CMOs success, email subscription and engagement rates are key elements in the broader evaluation equation. After all, increases in subscriptions and engagement typically lead to increases in the most prized conversion of all: sales. This reality is what makes each and every “unsubscribe” so problematic—if a CMO can’t get people to buy into a free email, how can they be expected to get people to buy into a paid product or service? 

This is yet another reason why CMOs need predictive analytics now more than ever. Predictive analytics eliminate guesswork, giving CMOs clear insight into what prospects and customers need to see in the way of content to avoid clicking on that dreaded “unsubscribe” button.  

Speaking of what content people want to see…

Content only works if it delivers what people want to see. To that end, CMOs need to proactively know what types of content (as well as what content topics) will resonate most with their target audiences. CMOs can use predictive analytics to see how people interact with their content in real time, and use that information to optimize their marketing campaigns with more of the highest-performing content.  

Similarly, CMOs can capitalize on predictive analytics to better shape the voice of their brand. Aptly named tone-of-voice predictions use a brand’s communication and audience to predict what kind of tone the brand should use to get their messaging across effectively. These analytics are essential to drive successful marketing campaigns or to follow up right with customers.

The final reason why CMOs need predictive analytics? Lifetime value

At the end of the day, engaging customers drives conversions and increases growth of the brand—two things every CMO wants. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, organizations using predictive analytics are nearly twice as likely to be able to identify high-value customers and make the right offers to them. 

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