How to Create Innovative Customer Experiences with Zeta Channel Manager

Consumers own more cutting-edge technology than ever before, with households possessing an average of 10 internet-connected devices (smart speakers, smart TVs, laptops, etc.). 

The challenge is that these technologies don’t all interconnect.

This limitation forces digital marketers to use an average of 91 different tools in a vain attempt to  engage consumers across every channel and provide real-time personalization along the way. The results of this are, unfortunately, painful for both the consumer and the marketer: 

  • Consumers see disconnected or irrelevant messaging across multiple channels.

  • Marketers know their current approach fails to deliver a relevant, congruent customer experience across all channels, but they lack a better solution.

Put another way:

  • Customers want exposure to relevant, sequential messaging that’s based on their lifecycle with a given brand across every channel. 

  • Marketers want to deliver such an experience—but know that doing so is only possible through a unified decision engine that connects all touchpoints.

To alleviate the pain of both the consumer and the marketer, Zeta is proud to introduce Channel Manager.

Unrivaled in its speed and agility, Zeta Channel Manager enables marketers to integrate, manage, and measure any marketing channel (email, direct mail, social, etc.), so they can deploy improved omnichannel experiences from a single interface—no complex integrations required.  

Once live, marketers can access a real-time performance analysis on each and every customer touchpoint. Marketers can also adjust messaging dynamically to scale successful campaigns in seconds, ensuring all disparate tools, data, and channels are used in the most efficient way.

By leveraging the Zeta Channel Manager, you and your marketing team can create seamless omnichannel engagement, and finally give consumers the experience they’ve been looking for. 

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