Zeta Global Certified as a RealCDP by CDP Institute, Achieving Perfect Scores

It’s been a big year already for Zeta; and we’re proud to announce that we’ve recently been certified by the CDP Institute as a RealCDP. Not only this, but Zeta also exceeded core requirements to earn top marks  across all categories. If you want to check out the full audit report for yourself, you can download it here. But let’s also dive into some quick background on the RealCDP program and what capabilities were evaluated.

Zeta CDP+ is a RealCDP with powerful capabilities enhanced by a strong services offering…Zeta’s global footprint, B2B and B2C capabilities, and strong data-driven marketing services provide an excellent fit for large companies in any industry looking to take results to the next level.

What Is a RealCDP & How Does a Company Qualify?

As defined by the CDP Institute, RealCDP™ is a certification program that is designed with the express intent to identify companies that meet the product performance and functionality requirements that brands should expect from their CDP. Vendors looking to qualify are vetted through an intensive audit by an independent firm, with the intent of helping marketers better navigate the CDP vetting process and avoid vendors who can’t truly offer the capabilities that a CDP should provide.

What Capabilities Were Evaluated & How did Zeta Perform?

The RealCDP audit measured our system against seven core capabilities (required for certification), six enhanced capabilities, and four stack capabilities. In this evaluation,  Zeta  qualified our CDP+ solution across all 17 areas, which laddered up to three key categories—each with different focal points:

Zeta RealCDP

Core CDP, which looked at things like:

  • Ingesting & maintaining data
  • Unified customer profiles
  • Real-time data updates, and more

CDP Enhanced, which looked at things like:

  • Channels supported
  • Data hygiene
  • Real-time processing, and more

CDP Stack, which looked at things like:

  • Analytics & reporting
  • Personalization
  • Journey orchestration & more

Essentially, this means that Zeta’s platform not only addresses the CDP essentials of first-party data management but also offers enhanced functionality for end-to-end marketing execution—all within one modern, integrated platform.

But we don’t want to give too much away around all of the learnings that came from the report. If you’d like to learn more about Zeta’s CDP capabilities, download the full report here. And if you’d like to see how Zeta CDP+ can supercharge your consumer data across a diverse set of use cases, contact us for a demo today.


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