Case Study

Media: Using Email to Increase Readership

Learn how Zeta helped one of America's most recognized media outlets increase it's readership using collaborative email editing

Impressive Results
Increase in Email Subscribers
Email Newsletters Being Co-Authored and Edited at Any Given Moment


In order to cut down on the time spent curating and editing its email newsletters, this leading international news organization needed a way to allow multiple writers and editors to collaborate on their daily newsletter in unison. By deploying Zeta’s exclusive collaborative email template editor tool, this media company started saving precious editorial hours every single day, making it easier to provide its subscribers with a superior customer experience.

The Company

As one of the most recognized and respected media brands on the planet, this Zeta client strives to supply its audience with accurate, breaking news as it happens. This organization’s commitment to exceptional journalism and timely reporting is why it reaches roughly 100 million US households.

The Goal

News media moves at a breakneck pace where only the fastest distributors of fact-checked storylines can survive. With robust readership and the need to cover a large number of topics with a limited supply of resources, this publisher wanted to find a way to save its writers’ and editors’ time. In doing so, they hoped to not only improve the customer experience for current consumers, but also make their brand more attractive to prospective consumers looking for a new news source.

The Obstacle

How to produce more than 20 daily email newsletters that cater to different reader interests → Created by diverse teams of writers and editors working on newsletter content throughout the day → Who need to avoid any accidental overwriting that could lead to the creation of inaccurate news → Without adding any additional time to the content production process.

The Solution

Working with their partners at Zeta, this media juggernaut deployed an enterprise-grade collaborative editing tool, allowing their writers and editors to work in unison and in real time on the email newsletter.

The Success

Thanks to the collaborative editing tool made available through the Zeta Marketing Platform, this media brand succeeded in their quest to expedite the production of daily newsletter content without compromising on quality. Now writers and editors can simultaneously collaborate on newsletters up until the last moment before they need to be set live. It is a more agile, responsive content production experience that’s helping their brand offer the kind of enriching journalism that keeps current readers happy, and brings new subscribers on board.

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