Telling Better (Digital) Stories – Boomtrain’s New Content Series

It’s a common theme in Hollywood to reissue classic films into the theater after they’ve long been available to watch at home. When you think about the difference between watching a movie at home versus in a theater it makes sense. The theater has an audience, a mood, popcorn and the feeling of being a part of an event.

The same conclusion can be attributed to many live performances to include concerts, lectures, and sporting events. There’s just something about the experience of being there that set it apart from just consuming the experience audibly and/or visually in a more familiar setting.

Drawing Inspiration from Stories

Now when you think about how this impacts the Digital landscape it’s difficult to draw a parallel to the examples above because digital can’t be offered in the same type of live experience. Right?

Well, yes, but there are some very fascinating ways that brands are paying attention to the Digital Experience even more than the content curation experience itself. The value of a brand has now transformed from just churning out good content, products and/or services to an experience that captivates and unfolds so the user becomes “addicted” to the digital experience.

The modern marketer treats his marketing channels much like a maestro conducts in front of their symphony. The right channel at the right time creates a melodic experience that unfolds at the appropriate time rather than a blast of noise that is just meant to be heard not experienced. Now more than ever the modern marketer can communicate effectively to one person on email and another on their mobile device and make sure the message itself is powered with the right content selected (ahem: machine learned personalization plug) for the person who reads it.

While getting a marketing email doesn’t feel much like seeing The Predator reissued in the theater, we’ll unpack ways modern marketers are offering an addictive digital experience for their users that is transforming the relationship itself and makes users fall in love with their brands. With the weekly series, Marketers who Tell Better Stories, we’ll hand select a brand and unpack the digital experience that unfolds as a user and breakdown wins and where they could have done more or less to improve the experience itself.

Over a moderate period of time, we used these brands as a regular user and discovered how they implement an addictive user experience. We came across various unique tactics and strategies that these brands delve into, to provide an impeccable user experience. They study their customers deeply and make the smallest of changes, deploy some of the most basic tactics that just works. And in doing so, they set up clockworks in motion for a high impact customer engagement strategy.

We start with Spotify. Read it here.



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