Top 6 Use Cases for a CDP in CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)

A customer data platform (CDP) is a customer-centric system that enables marketers to manage customer data and create customer experiences. In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your customer data needs! As a marketer in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry, you know that tailoring marketing campaigns to individual customers is essential for success. By integrating a CDP into your business, you can create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns and memorable customer experiences. Keep reading for the top 6 use cases for a CDP in a CPG business!

1. Create detailed consumer profiles and granular segments of consumers

As a CPG marketer, you likely have a good understanding of your customer base. However, with a customer data platform, you can take things to the next level by creating detailed consumer profiles and granular segments. By having this level of insight into your customers, you’ll be able to create marketing campaigns that are highly relevant to each individual.

A granular segment is a customer subset that is very narrowly defined, making it easier to target with marketing campaigns. For example, you could create a segment of customers who have purchased your product within the last month and live in the same city. This level of customer segmentation, which wasn’t possible before CDPs, is exceptionally powerful because it allows you to send highly relevant and targeted marketing messages.

2. Unify data from different sources and platforms to enable a 360-view

In order to create a 360-view of the customer, you need to be able to unify data from different sources and platforms. A customer data platform makes this possible by collecting customer data from various touchpoints, including online and offline interactions. This data is then cleansed, normalized, and organized into a single customer profile. With a complete view of the customer, you’ll be able to deliver truly personalized experiences.

This ability to synchronize your marketing efforts from offline to online allows your campaigns flow and keeps them from becoming fragmented. With all of your customer information organized in one place, you can start to see customer behavior trends and develop a deeper understanding of how they interact with your brand.

3. Leverage first-party data

First-party data is customer data that you collect yourself. What makes it incredibly valuable is that it’s unique to your brand. With a customer data platform, you can leverage your first-party data to create customer experiences. By understanding how your customers interact with your brand, you can deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel. 

By having one central source for your customer data via a CDP, you can leverage first-party data instead of relying on external sources. This helps with transparency, lower costs, accuracy, and also strengthens customer relationships. It also allows you to personalize your campaigns and target the right customers.

Zeta’s customer data management platform (CDP+) also allows you to access and incorporate third-party data to leverage additional insights and enhance your ability to reach a larger target audience.

4. Develop a holistic view of the customer lifecycle

A CDP can help you develop a holistic view of the customer lifecycle. This is done by tracking customer behavior and interactions across all touchpoints. With this information, you can create customer journeys that are personalized for each individual. 

This level of understanding allows you to see where customers drop off in the customer journey and take steps to fix it. Additionally, you can measure marketing campaign effectiveness at different stages of the customer lifecycle. By having a detailed understanding of the customer lifecycle, you can make necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy to improve customer retention and loyalty.

5. Deliver consistent experiences across channels

In order to deliver consistent customer experiences, you need to be able to track customer interactions across all channels. A customer data platform makes this possible by unifying customer data from different sources. This way, you can see the customer’s journey as a whole and identify any gaps in the customer experience. 

Additionally, with a CDP, you can send targeted marketing messages through the right channels. For example, if you know that a customer prefers to receive communications through email, you can make sure that they only receive promotional emails. As another example, if you deliver an ad to a customer via Facebook encouraging them to check out a new product, and you see that they click on the product but do not purchase it, you can then send an engagement email with a custom coupon to further encourage them to carry through to purchase.

By delivering consistent experiences across channels, you can build trust and strengthen relationships with your customers.

6. Unlock actionable insights throughout the customer journey

Similarly, a CDP will enable you to measure every step of the customer journey. You can ascertain what works best for the customers, segment customers according to their preferences, and tailor efforts around efficacy. For example, if specific customer segments are most responsive to holiday campaigns, then prioritize holiday messaging for those customers.  

This customer understanding also allows for timely customer support. By quickly addressing customer needs and pain points, you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In other words, a CDP helps you turn customer insights into actions that improve the customer experience.

Deliver a better customer experience and improve your bottom line

Integrating a customer data platform into your CPG business enables a better customer experience. With a CDP, you can develop a holistic view of the customer lifecycle, deliver consistent experiences across channels, and unlock actionable insights throughout the customer journey. In turn, this improved customer experience translates to increased business and profits.

If you’re looking for a customer data platform to help with your CPG business, consider Zeta Global’s CDP+. At Zeta Global, we know how important it is to integrate your marketing efforts and customer data into one single source. Zeta CDP+ is more than your standard customer data platform. It provides you with the control you need over your data so you can activate campaigns faster and more effectively. 

Marketing to consumers starts with knowing who they are, what they buy, and what they care about. Zeta CDP+ enables cross channel engagement with meaningful individualized experiences and our low-code visual interface works with your existing technology to provide total data transparency and control. 

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