Marketing Measurement and Attribution

Measurement and Attribution – Exploring a More Deterministic Approach

By: The Relevancy Group and Zeta Global

Improving Measurement and Attribution is a Top Priority for Marketers

Consumers today are engaging with brands online at a deeper level than ever before and doing so through more valuable and immersive inbox experiences. Email marketers are now truly able to deliver rlevant, personalized experiences that they once merely aspired to.

Brands and marketers understand this need for tighter measurement and are appropriately prioritizing “improving response attribution.”. When we asked executive marketers about their priorities for improving the return on investment of email marketing programs in 2019, “utilizing real-time data topped the list” with 31 percent reporting it a top priority, followed closely by “improving response attribution” at 30 percent .

Key questions addressed in this whitepaper: 

  • What is the current contribution of the email channel to overall revenue?
  • Are engagement metrics trending up or down?
  • What are the top priorities for marketers in 2019?
  • What types of attribution methods are marketers using?
  • Are marketers successfully tying offline conversions to email and online campaigns?
  • Is there a simple way to deterministically measure attribution without a data scientist?

Key takeaways:

  • Email is currently contributing upwards of twenty percent of overall revenue for mean respondents, signaling increased weight of the channel and highlighting the need for more accurate measurement and attribution.
  • For a variety of key reasons, email open and click through metrics are on a three year upward trend.
  • Use of real-time data, improving response attribution, and improving segmentation and targeting, lead the list as the top marketer priorities of 2019.
  • Marketers use a wide range of primarily probabilistic methods to measure the impact of campaigns on core business objectives, but many struggle to efficiently do so.
  • Only 15% of marketers are systematically using a test v. control methodology to deterministically measure marketing impact on business objectives.

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