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Deliver unique brand experiences tailor-made to each website visitor
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Engaging with consumers on a personal level across the entirety of the sales funnel is one of the most important things a marketer can do. Yet, many brands forget to focus personalization efforts on their most important owned asset, their website—leading to unnecessarily high bounce rates, unengaged customers, and lost sales.

Avoid this common pitfall and automatically personalize messages, product recommendations, and page layouts with Zeta. We can help you provide onsite experiences that make each customer feel like your brand is speaking directly to them.

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Purpose-built onsite personalization

We make it easier than ever to track real-time shopper activity—providing an instant ability to gauge consumer interest in specific products, category pages, campaigns, and more. Pair this with Zeta’s industry leading demographic data to gain a full-funnel view of each site visitor and provide them with digital in-store experiences that feel tailor-made just for them.

Overlay interactions

Decrease site bounces, increase engagement, and reward loyalty with overlay interactions that can simultaneously provide discounts or promote rewards programs while growing your valuable CRM list.

In-page content

Make every site visitor feel right at home with product and category recommendations purpose built to their individual interests. Increase average order value by serving related content on product pages.

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Confident targeting through powerful data enrichment

Leverage Zeta's AI and vast proprietary data set to create segments of site visitors that can be as granular or extensive as you want. Leverage these powerful segments to serve hyper-personalized content to consumers based on products of interest, levels of engagement, conversion history, demographic background, and more.

Zeta Data enrichment

Enhance targeting and personalization with permissioned identity and intent signals from Zeta’s vast proprietary dataset.

Advanced AI

Leverage Zeta’s AI to refine targeting with powerful rules and triggers.

Shopping cart suggestions

Create true actionability with instant optimization

Confidently measure the success of all your onsite marketing campaigns in one place with the Zeta Marketing Platform Leverage it to easily coordinate onsite and offsite marketing efforts to create a seamless brand narrative no matter where a customer is shopping online. Then rest easy as Zeta’s expert professional services team helps personally provide optimization recommendations for you and your team.

Measure and optimize campaigns

Test, measure, and optimize campaigns across your website using Zeta’s always-on predictive insights and flexible content repository.

Omnichannel expansion

Amplify the reach and impact of your website personalization by coordinating messaging that remains consistent across all channels through Zeta’s powerful omnichannel platform.

Robust services

Tap into the unmatched expertise of Zeta’s professional services teams and dedicated industry experts.

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Seeing Is Believing

Experience the Zeta Marketing Platform for yourself. Schedule a demo with our experts or contact us for more information.
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