Driving Business Outcomes with Website Personalization


In a world where consumers have unlimited opportunity at their fingertips, it’s important for brands to create value. This especially rings true now as websites are the new storefront due to COVID-19, with consumers spending 70% more time online. As this digital transformation continues to grow in 2021, marketers must prioritize the customer experience in order to remain relevant and of interest.

So, the question is: how can website personalization create engagement, drive leads, and nurture long-term customer relationships?

Watch this webinar to uncover insights from leading industry experts on how leveraging website personalization has helped achieve measurable business results and how these strategies can be expanded upon in 2021.

The session will cover the importance of an individualistic approach and how it can…

  • Increase lift
  • Secure leads
  • Maximize website traffic
  • Drive more meaningful conversions 
  • Effectively increase customer engagement

Featured Speakers

Rachel Pierson, VP of Strategic Accounts at Zeta Global

Rachel has over 15 years of diverse marketing and advertising experience within the automotive category. She is a strategic partner to global marketing teams and their agencies developing innovative solutions to drive brand awareness and increase marketing performance at key moments throughout the customer journey.

Gina Jorge, Head of Acura Digital Marketing at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 

Gina has over 20 years of automotive experience and has served in several sales and marketing roles including domestic and international sales, multicultural marketing and public relations. In her role at Acura she provides strategic leadership by creating the vision and developing marketing plans that optimize the digital ecosystem and provide a personalized customer experience. Previous roles included overseeing Acura’s global brand alignment while leading the integrated advertising strategy in development of brand and retail omni-channel campaigns.  

David Spitz, Senior Manager - Digital Customer Experience, Discover

David Spitz is a Senior Principal of Digital Customer Experience at Discover Financial Services. Born, raised and educated within the Chicagoland area, he has an extensive marketing and digital customer experience career in financial services. David’s team at Discover drives digital innovation and user experience design to provide its customer with a seamless end-to-end, online and mobile app experience.

Emmylou Jordan, Senior Digital Analytics Technologist, HanesBrands

Emmylou joined Hanesbrands to provide sophisticated modeling that focused on the consumer reaction to promotions; but quickly integrated herself as a key business partner and now manages all facets of Hanesbrands’ eCommerce analysis. Emmylou’s expertise is in transitioning away from the dependence on third-party cookies, statistical experiment design for AB testing, and data collection for the continued development of the personalized web experience. She is a pilot participant and recipient of Tealium’s advance certification, developer of machine learning algorithms for product suggestion, and a major proponent of using tagging for immediate action to bridge site defects.

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