8 Essential Questions to Maximize Your MMS Campaign

maximize mms campaign

Thinking about using video and images to attract the attention of your customers via multimedia messaging service (MMS)? Our mobile expert, Chad Starbuck, is here today to share tips on integrating MMS into your mobile marketing mix to maximize your time, resources and budget.

Increasing Effectiveness by Engaging the Senses 

If you are feeling limited by SMS text messages that only give you 160 characters to work with, MMS might be the solution. MMS gives you the ability to expand on that message with virtually unlimited text, as well as the addition of rich media content such as images, videos and animations. With MMS you can create messaging that engages the senses and emotions of your customers, increasing the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. How can you get started? By asking the right questions.

Eight Essential Questions to Maximize Your MMS Campaign

  1. What sort of content can I send via an MMS message?
    There is a variety of rich media content that can be sent via an MMS message including:

    • Static images
    • Static image with dynamic content (like a barcode)
    • Animated GIFs
    • Videos
    • Audio
  1. Can MMS messages be sent out at the same rate as SMS messages?
    • An MMS message is a much larger file size than an SMS message, therefore it effects delivery speeds.
    • Across the four major carriers, an MMS message can be delivered at about 30 transactions per second at up to 1 megabyte in file size. That translates into about 104,000 MMS messages delivered per hour.
    • You will need to take this into consideration when sending out an MMS message to a larger database.
  1. What happens if my customer does not have a mobile device that supports MMS?
    • Many mobile marketing platforms have the ability to set up a fallback SMS message that can be delivered to the mobile handset if the handset does not support MMS messages.
  1. Can I send an MMS message from my existing short code?
    • If you have an existing SMS short code, you will need to add MMS capabilities to that code.
    • Reach out to your aggregator to add MMS capabilities to that code.
    • That provisioning process can take up to 12 weeks, but once completed it provides the ability to send rich media content across your code.
  1. Do I need permission from my subscriber base to send an MMS message?
    • You DO NOT need additional permissions from your subscribers to send MMS messages.
    • Once your code is fully provisioned for MMS you can start sending rich media content to your customers.
  1. Do MMS messages cost the same as SMS messages?
    • Because you are sending across rich media content in much larger file formats than a typical SMS message costs are higher.
    • Check with your aggregator to receive their latest pricing for MMS.
  1. How much more effective is my rate of return using MMS vs. SMS campaigns?
    • SMS message engagement rates range between 15% and 35%.
    • When you add in the functionality of MMS, those engagement rates can climb to between 30% and 55%.
  1. Why not just send an SMS message with a link?
    • With an MMS message, the media stays right on the device and is not dependent on the URL link or the browser.
    • Having the media delivered right to the device helps increase KPI performance including engagement, clicks, conversion, loyalty and purchases.

To learn more about how to implement at mobile marketing strategy into your marketing mix, visit our introductory post with Chad here. For more about SMS marketing techniques for actively engaging with consumers, contact us at info@zetaglobal.com or call 212-660-2500.

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