5 Great Ideas for Unsubscribe Emails

Let’s face it: unsubscribe emails often make consumers feel like they’re running in circles.

Implementing unsubscribe emails is an essential part of any email marketing campaign. Without them, you run the risk of your email being marked as spam.

Or even worse…enraging customers…which damages your brand’s reputation.

So what makes some unsubscribe emails better than others?

Keeping things short and simple may provide the best user experience, but other unique approaches may even convince customers to stay on your mailing list. To help you get inspired and follow email deliverability best practices, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great ideas for unsubscribe emails.

Create a unique unsubscribe experience

Creating a memorable email unsubscribe experience can greatly benefit your brand. Worst case scenario: the customer still chooses to unsubscribe. Best case scenario: you make them laugh, make a lasting impression, or even persuade them to want to keep hearing from you. The image below shows an email sent by Gootli, a mobile app that allows you to instantly book local activities, tours, and attractions. The email has a dedicated, clearly visible unsubscribe option with an amusingly apologetic line “Did we gatecrash your party?”

Tap into predictive unsubscribing

Sidekick’s example is a great example of how to use your marketing tools intelligently. Unlike most unsubscribe emails and unsubscribe pages, Sidekick sends you an email and offers to unsubscribe you as a gift based on analytics that you aren’t getting the most out of their content. Their call to action button says “Wait, Keep me subscribed!” giving you a clear opportunity to stay on their mailing list.

sidekick unsubscribe emails

Leverage comic relief

One of the best ways to leave a lasting impression on a consumer when they’re unsubscribing to your email list is by using comic relief. One great example of this is with the brand Infinit, which included a GIF of actor Jim Carey running out of a courtroom after a consumer unsubscribed. Using this GIF sends a simple message—“No hard feelings, we have a sense of humor too, you know.”


Options, options, options!

Studies show that consumers innately want choices, and when it comes to unsubscribing from an email list the rule is no exception. They may want to receive emails less often, or different types of emails (e.g. promotional offers vs a newsletter). Beta List does a good job of implementing an unsubscribe tactic that presents consumers with various options. Although a user may have already unsubscribed, they could still a) resubscribe if it was an accident, b) subscribe to a weekly newsletter instead of daily mail, or most importantly, c) reply directly to the email with feedback. The latter option especially benefits brands by collecting valuable data to make improvements on email correspondences.


The “it’s not you, it’s me” approach

When implementing a video on your unsubscribe page, it’s important to evoke curiosity in those who visit the page. Keeping the video short is a great way to send your message directly to an audience. A unique approach to this can be seen with HubSpot’s “breakup” video. In the video, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Specialist, Dan Sally, talks about the good times had together while simultaneously apologizing for causing complications in “the relationship.” This video and Groupon’s unsubscribe video set new trends for unique email unsubscribe tactics.


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