Website Personalization

AI-Powered Website Personalization


The following infographic presents statistics and trends around the adoption of AI-powered website personalization across various industries. The infographic highlights what modern marketers think about website optimization using AI, and how different brands are already deploying it realizing improved ROI.


As a marketer, you tap every channel you can (organic, paid, social, email, etc.) to lure visitors to your brand’s website, and get those visitors to engage with your content.

But attracting quality traffic and getting that traffic to stick around (i.e. increase time on page and lower bounce rates) is an exhaustive task.

At least it used to be.

AI-powered website personalization is starting to make life a whole lot easier for marketers looking to create positive digital results for the brands they represent.

By using real-time signals and quality data inputs, an AI-powered personalization engine can make sense of the interests, intentions, and innuendos of users who visit a website. Those insights make it easier for AI to create a tailored website experience for each individual visitor.

The following infographic provides a snapshot of how AI-based website personalization is being used. More specifically, it includes…
  • An overview of how AI-powered personalization engines work.
  • Detailed statistics on the adoption of AI across industries.
  • The impact of personalization on key website metrics.
  • Important facts and figures from case studies.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Website Personalization


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