using automation to personalize at scale

10 Marketing Automation Do’s and Don’ts For Your Business

Today’s consumers expect customized experiences and on-demand engagement at the channel of their choosing.

Nearly all marketers now appreciate the impact personalization can have on improving customer relationships and conversion. According to recent research by Researchscape, almost all believe it has at least some impact while “Seventy-four percent believe personalization has a ‘strong’  or  ‘extreme’ impact on advancing customer relationships.”

marketing automation personalization at scale

Understanding the power of personalization is the easy part. Executing it is much more complicated. Serving thousands, or even millions, of individuals with customized content and tailored experiences is a formidable mission for even the most dynamic CMO. No marketing department or agency on the planet can deliver handmade marketing to every single customer at any significant volume.

There’s only one way marketers can personalize at scale: automation. But not all automation is created equal.

Smart Automation: How Marketers Can Personalize at Scale

Marketers have been drawn towards tools that enable them to send tailored content to their leads and customers for years. Some 49% of companies are already using marketing automation and more than 55% of B2B organizations use the technology.

However, most of them have yet to realize its true potential. They still rely mostly on basic rule-based marketing automation software rather than responsive, adaptive artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions.


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Are You Making the Most of Your Automation Budget?

Global spending on marketing automation will crest $25 billion by 2023. Unfortunately, much of that investment will be put toward suboptimal technologies or get hamstrung by ineffective policies. Make sure your ROI is optimized by following best practices and taking advantage of the most powerful tools available to provide compelling personalized experiences for your audience.

How Marketers Can Personalize at Scale

Editor’s note: This is an update of an article and graphic published last year by our partners at Boomtrain.


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