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​FinServ Marketers, It’s Time to Dive Into the Digital Evolution

For Financial Services marketers, retention and growth remain top priorities for 2020. This means servicing existing customers based on their current needs and protecting their assets, while looking for unique opportunities to acquire customers and additional accounts.

Trying to tackle these goals in such a competitive and fast-changing landscape is no small feat. With the market being as disruptive as it is, brands must truly understand consumers before trying to capture their attention and present relevant, in-the-moment offers.

Marketers can uncover such intent—as well as new opportunities for brand engagement—through data-driven insights. 

Businesses will continue to adapt to the evolving, “customer-centric” landscape in 2020. This adaptation requires agility, and digital transformation. Specifically, it requires businesses to leverage emerging, innovative technology platforms that are transparent, easy-to-understand, and capable of supporting customers across their experiences.

The more organizations embrace flexible platforms that allow for real-time customer messaging and decisioning, the better they’ll be able to integrate their customer’s experiences with their brands. In turn, this will allow brands to reinforce consumer trust, while staying focused on speed, convenience, and data-driven insights.  

Ultimately, the businesses that do the best job adapting—the brands with an innovative vision for the long-term—will be the ones to watch.

In a period of incessant change, where is a brand to start?  How can businesses and their marketing teams maximize consumer data, unlock actionable insights, and power personalization at scale? For Zeta clients, we recommend taking the steps below to spring forward in your mission for retention and growth in 2020. 

  • Capture Opportunities: Know when the consumer is in market​ with a firm understanding of their immediate needs
    Leverage Zeta’s real-time deterministic identity data combined with our results-driven AI, to uncover intent and churn signals from 200M+ identities in the US and over 2B+ identities globally.​ You’ll never miss a growth opportunity again with that amount of data at your fingertips.

  • Personalize Opportunities​: Engage the consumer individually, with confidence
    The key to effective personalization? Knowing who to target and what kind of experience to tailor to them. Zeta enables marketers to deliver such individualized interactions across every channel at scale.​

  • Optimize and Measure Performance​: Understand what to do next in real-time​
    Use deterministic attribution to measure all your marketing investments, while continuously improving performance with Zeta’s industry-leading, always-on feedback loop.​

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