Multicultural Customer Base

New Majority Ready and Zeta Global Partner to Bring Marketers and Media Companies Unique Opportunities to Grow their Multicultural Customer Base

According to the US Census, today 53% of US population under 50 live in multicultural or blended households, representing over $3.8T in purchasing power. And that’s just today—the census also projects that by 2044, the US population will become “majority-minority,” meaning that Hispanics, African Americans, and Asian Americans will soon be the new majority.

This isn’t a far off prognostication—the tipping point is here today. In order to achieve long-term growth, brands must be able to intimately and personally engage with these consumers or face the prospects of a withering business model. It’s about market share and mindshare. Zeta is announcing a new partnership with New Majority Ready to ensure multicultural audiences are getting the attention they deserve and equipping businesses with the tools, data and insight to do just that.

Traditionally, multicultural audiences have been difficult to properly identify. Our partnership with New Majority Ready makes it possible for marketers to not only identify these audiences but also understand their intent. It’s not enough to know and understand multicultural audiences today—marketers need to know where they are going to “be” tomorrow too. Understanding intent means companies and marketers can better personalize these customers’ experiences, and that leads to one thing: business growth.

At Zeta, it’s our mission to ensure businesses never miss a growth opportunity. We have the largest proprietary data set in the industry (2.4B identities; 750M+ deterministic identities) and results-driven Artificial Intelligence. When we combine our data and technology with New Majority Ready’s expertise in providing multicultural strategy and insights, marketers will be able to acquire, retain, and grow their multicultural audiences like never before.

Together, Zeta and New Majority Ready have data and access to 75+MM US multicultural customers whose identity they know and have permission to talk to.

This is about the future of business growth. There are untapped multicultural audiences who deserve personalized experiences. This partnership between Zeta and New Majority Ready enables brands to reach these consumers with precision and accuracy; those who do will succeed and those who cannot will fair.

Jacqueline Hernández and Oswald Méndez, co-founders of New Majority Ready, said it best: “Multicultural audiences are rapidly becoming the country’s new majority, and our goal is to help companies and brands better understand the immediate business impact by developing a unique and disciplined approach to data-driven multicultural customer acquisition. This will drive results.”

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