What Is the Zeta Data Cloud?

When we think about the many challenges marketers face, understanding insights on prospects and customers is a pain point. Specifically, understanding those insights to unlock the full potential of customer data. This reality is what makes the Zeta Data Cloud so powerful. It helps marketers obtain a holistic customer view across all devices and channels. The result? Reduced media inefficiency powered by enhanced measurement and attribution at a 1:1 level.

How does the Zeta Data Cloud work?

The Zeta Data Cloud consists of an identity graph of more than 200 million adults in the US (almost 90% of the population). Within this universe, Zeta combines personally identifiable information (PII) such as name, address, and email, with digital identifiers such as cookies, MAIDs, and device IDs.


To determine whether the same person that watched Wheel of Fortune on their CTV program is that same individual that visited Toyota’s website.

From these 200 million consumers, Zeta collects more than 1 trillion signals per month including…
  • Content consumption across 5 million websites
  • Behavioral signals based on physical travel to stores, airports, hotels, etc.
  • Transactional signals based on trackable purchases and buying choices both online and off

At a high level…

This data is collected from proprietary opt-in sources and enriched in real-time using a range of online and offline signals (including up-to-the-minute identity and intent data). It offers marketers a holistic view of their customers and prospects to help drive high-value audiences and enable a wide range of marketing activities.



The 3 keys to the Zeta Data Cloud


#1 – Identity

Identify and understand both new and existing customers to:
  • Enable rich customer experiences with robust customer profiles, continuous data collection, and profile enrichment
  • Resolve identities and recognize each customer as the same individual across channels through online and offline data

#2 – Intent

Capture intent by overlaying data-in-motion in real-time including:
  • Content consumption signals from publisher networks
  • Engagement signals and sentiment
  • Intent and churn signals

#3 – Connectivity

Leverage up-to-minute customer data to enable a range of marketing activities such as:
  • Targeting the most purchase-ready individuals across addressable channels
  • Creating meaningful message personalization across devices and channels
  • Attributing marketing results to the channels and messages that generate them

What type of data can be leveraged in the Zeta Data Cloud?

The Zeta Data Cloud is built from explicit opt-ins. All behavioral, transactional, and location data is derived from permission-based users (i.e. people who opt-in to messaging). This provides marketers peace of mind when activating data for marketing purposes, especially as privacy concerns continue to rise. (In other words, it does not share any client data.)

Moreover, the data within the cloud can be combined with your brand’s first-party data to enable a holistic customer view. Additional data may be derived from:
  • Transactions, interests, and engagement across channels and devices
  • Structured or unstructured data sources (e.g. CRM and ERP databases, point-of-sale systems, help desk and contact center systems, marketing and advertising software, analytics tools, etc.)

What differentiates the Zeta Data Cloud from other cloud services?

The key differentiator is that our deterministic data set uses AI-powered optimization and closed-loop measurement. We create a flywheel effect by ingesting and processing data to create high-value audience sets that you can engage with. In plain English, the way we capture data ensures constant updating and optimization. The Zeta Data Cloud’s feedback loop ensures marketers like you engage with the right consumer at the most opportune moment.

Using cloud-based data insights in marketing initiatives

While uncovering key data is important, knowing how you use that data to achieve business goals is crucial. The Zeta Data Cloud works in tandem with our Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) to enable precise segmentation and personalized omnichannel engagement. Activating data insights from the Zeta Data Cloud within the ZMP can activate a range of marketing activities, from customer acquisition to retention to even winning back new customers.

Achieving measurable outcomes with the Zeta Data Cloud

The Zeta Data Cloud arms marketers with the appropriate data insights to help target the right customers at the right times.
  • Capture intent, build audiences, and assign membership through better data inputs.
  • Leverage behavioral, transactional, and location data—all deterministically connected to a permissioned user base—through AI-derived insights.
  • Use personalized 1:1 marketing to increase engagement, brand affinity, customer value, and other positive business outcomes.

Ready to uncover key data insights?

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