What is Zeta’s Approach to Artificial Intelligence?

Personalization helps advance customer relationships, yet many consumers believe brands don’t speak to them at a 1:1 level. This disconnect is an opportunity for marketers. An opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage by tapping into Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create the kind of personalization consumers crave but struggle to find. As a marketing technology company, Zeta utilizes AI to build smarter audiences, create better customer experiences, and obtain more helpful consumer insights. In this blog, you’ll learn a little bit more about Zeta’s approach to artificial intelligence, and how it delivers BIG benefits to the modern marketer.

What makes Zeta’s approach to artificial intelligence so valuable?

Zeta’s AI technology allows brands to mirror the real-world exchanges that take place between individuals, and do so at scale. By mirroring these human interactions, Zeta connects, centralizes, and scores signal data in real-time. This (in conjunction with the Zeta Marketing Platform) allows marketers to create more personalized, 1:1 engagement across all channels and touchpoints. 

Some key benefits of Zeta’s AI include:

  • Real-time insights

  • Increased efficiency

  • Improved segmentation 

  • A better customer experience

  • More intuitive brand interactions

  • And more

AI for audiences

Zeta’s AI works with the Zeta Data Cloud to extract critical consumer insights and build  highly-targeted, custom audiences from 2.4B unique identities and 2,500+ real-time signals.  Some of the more critical capabilities of Zeta’s AI for audiences include:

  • Audience suggestion and discovery

  • Interest and intent scoring

  • Customer lookalike modeling

  • Spend and conversion prediction

  • Lifetime value prediction

  • Churn prediction

  • Deterministic attribution

  • Identity resolution

Two of the above capabilities most valued by marketers are customer lookalike modeling and churn prediction. Here’s a snapshot of how they work…

Customer lookalike modeling

Zeta’s AI supports marketers by suggesting audience segmentations based on specific, high-performing seed audiences (e.g. high-value customers). It uses unsupervised machine learning to identify the dominant traits within that seed population, before building new audiences of lookalike customers. Zeta clients can activate these audiences in real-time, engaging new, high-value customers, or existing customers ripe for an upsell. It’s a capability that’s best used for new product launches, retention behavior analysis, and improving conversion rates (in-app or in-browser).

Churn prediction

Zeta’s Identity Graph monitors behavioral and transactional signals so marketers can identify which customers are most likely to churn. Using these signals, Zeta’s AI proactively engages  consumers through existing campaigns to deter them from churning and increase retention.

AI for experiences

Zeta’s AI for experiences allows brands to deliver the 1:1 personalization consumers demand through sequential, real-time messaging. The result? Brands cultivate an unbeatable customer experience that strengthens engagement across all channels. Some of the more critical capabilities of Zeta’s AI for experiences include:

Two of the above capabilities most valued by marketers are product advice and hyper-local targeting. Here’s a snapshot of how they work…

Product recommendations

Zeta’s AI determines the optimal product selection for each customer based on a range of signals. Marketers can leverage this capability to deliver an enhanced customer experience through website personalization or cross-channel personalization in messaging (ideal for retailers, travel brands, auto manufacturers, and more).

Hyper-local targeting

By analyzing transactional and geolocation signals, AI for experiences can automatically trigger personalized messaging enriched with localized offerings (e.g., exclusive promotions, store-specific savings, etc.) across channels.

AI for insights

One of the core differentiators of Zeta’s AI is its ability to understand consumer interests at scale. By gleaning live, actionable insights from channel performance and continuously updated customer profiles, brands can identify opportunities and ensure media isn’t wasted. Some of the more critical capabilities of Zeta’s AI for insights include:

  • Automatic AB and multivariate testing

  • Deterministic attribution

  • Marketing impact and ROI

  • Advanced custom model insights

  • Natural language processing

  • Bidding, forecasting, and completion

Two of the above capabilities most valued by marketers are natural language processing and hyper-local targeting. Here’s a snapshot of how they work…

Natural language processing

Zeta’s AI for insights mines the Zeta Data Cloud’s more than 2.4B unique identities and 2,500+ real-time signals to distill consumer’s real-time interests at scale. It then uses this interest-related data to help marketers make more informed audience and channel selections, as well as deliver more personalized content.

Deterministic attribution

This capability helps marketers spend budget more effectively by avoiding those consumers who would convert without any exposure to paid advertising. In other words, it allows marketers to automatically zero-in on those shoppers that won’t convert without exposure to paid advertising to create incremental lift. 

Interested in learning more about Zeta’s AI capabilities?

So there you have it—a brief (but hopefully thorough) introduction to what makes Zeta’s approach to artificial intelligence so unique. Curious to learn more? Then get in touch with a member of our team!


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