Case Study

How The RealReal Boosted Conversions by 58% by Engaging In-Market Customers with Greater Speed and Efficiency

The RealReal is the world’s largest online marketplace for authenticated, resale luxury goods. With a rigorous authentication process overseen by experts, they provide a safe and reliable platform for consumers to buy and sell their luxury items. As a sustainable company, they give new life to pieces by thousands of brands across numerous categories in support of the circular economy.


The Results

By leveraging deterministic measurement paired with an integrated omnichannel marketing strategy, Zeta helped The RealReal successfully execute an individualized campaign across display, social, and email. Using real-time data and advanced targeting capabilities the team was able to increase ad spend efficiency and email engagement to effectively capture high intent, in-market customers.

increase in conversions
increase in email open rates
increase in ROAS

The Challenge

Lack of Visibility into Real-Time Customer Engagement

The RealReal faced a critical challenge as they worked to accelerate their growth and optimize their marketing budget. The marketing team recognized the importance of obtaining a comprehensive understanding of their customers' preferences and interests, yet their existing tools lacked the ability to provide real-time insights on shopper engagement. The team needed a way to differentiate themselves in the minds of customers by creating meaningful 1:1 relationships before, during, and after their shopping experiences.

The Solution

Deterministic Measurement and Omnichannel Engagement

To help increase efficiency and accelerate growth, The RealReal partnered with Zeta. Leveraging the power of deterministic measurement Zeta was able to accurately track and attribute customer actions and behaviors across multiple channels and touchpoints. Through the use of explicit data points, such as email addresses and customer ID, The RealReal established a direct link between customer interactions and marketing outcomes, creating a new level of granular understanding into each individual customer journey.

These insights served as the foundation for strategic optimizations in messaging, content, and audience segmentation across earned and paid media channels. By personalizing their omnichannel messaging in real-time based on customer behavior, The RealReal was able to significantly boost their return on ad spend, increase email open rates, and foster individualized relationships with in-market customers. This data-driven approach empowered The RealReal to make informed decisions, better optimize their campaigns, and allocate their marketing resources more effectively.

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