Marketing Playbook: Rebuilding Retail

The retail industry is facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty – economic recession, coronavirus concerns, social-distancing mandates, and historic levels of unemployment.


The RealReal Boosts ROAS by 57% by partnering with Zeta

“Zeta gives us unparalleled personalization capabilities — enabling us to efficiently reach in-market customers and get better results. Plus, we stay in control of the customer experience throughout.” – Marketing Director at TheReal Real About the Customer The RealReal is the world’s leading retailer of luxury consignment clothing and apparel. Challenge The RealReal was looking […]

send time optimization

Pharmacy Chain Takes Advantage of Zeta’s Send Time Optimization

This innovative pharmacy helps people on their path to better health with nearly 10,000 retail pharmacies, over 1,000 walk-in medical clinics, nearly 80 million plan members and a dedicated senior pharmacy care business. The company enables people, businesses and communities to manage health in more affordable and effective ways.

Case Study: Activating High-Value Audiences Using Existing Customer Data

Blog Contributor: Ron Sadi We often hear from clients, that maximizing the full value of their customer data is challenging. Many brands only use a fraction of their first-party data to inform marketing programs, leaving real dollars on the table. What can enterprises do differently to leverage proprietary data to improve their marketing curriculums and increase […]


Leading Cereal and Snack Company Implements Effective Re-Engagement Campaign

Zeta Actions data base delivers powerful email validation capability identifying over 100,000 active emails for leading cereal and snack company’s re-engagement campaign.

cost effective email retargeting

Sporting Goods Retailer Implements Cost Effective Email Retargeting

Zeta solutions eliminate the need for custom integration and drain of IT resources.

interest segmentation

Life Insurance Company Taps Zeta’s ‘Interest Segmentation Program’ to Achieve Double Digit increases

The company needed a customized solution for its vast number of clients. They tapped into Zeta’s ‘Interest Segmentation model’ to best determine user content preference based on web-click activity.

Increase Open Rates

Zeta Global Helps Online Retailer Increase Open rates By 29%

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