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Back to School Marketing 2021: A Guide for the Retail Industry

Can’t-miss retail trends and predictions for the 2021 shopping season.

Online Gambling: Boosting Conversions in Social and Programmatic by 65%

Increasing conversions while lowering costs in a highly competitive marketplace.

Telecom: Using Customer Data to Improve Service and Retention

Increasing inbound leads as well as customer satisfaction with better use of customer data.

eCommerce: Boosting ROAS by More Than 30%

See how Zeta made it easier for Samsung to reach in-market customers, thereby boosting ROAS

Automotive: Using Omnichannel to Increase Automotive Sales by 18%

See how Zeta helped Mitsubishi reach highly-motivated, in-market car-buyers no matter where they ventured online.

Automotive: Increasing Clicks and Maximizing Conversions

Helping one of the world’s most well-recognized automotive brands take their omnichannel engagement to the next level.

Consumer Packaged Goods: Re-Engaging With 100K Customers

Zeta Actions data base delivers powerful email validation capability identifying over 100,000 active emails for leading cereal and snack company’s re-engagement campaign.


Retail: Implementing Cost-Effective Email Retargeting

Zeta solutions eliminate the need for custom integration and drain of IT resources.

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