Email Deliverability Best Practices for the 2020 Holiday Season

With consumers engaging in more discretionary spending than at any other point in the year, the  holidays might as well be called the “make it or break it” season for marketers. As such, marketers will often expand their targeting criteria, and blast out more offer-laden emails than at any other point during the year. Their […]

Searching for the opportunity for personalization

How Website Personalization Improves Your Brand

How your website looks, how it navigates, and how it makes people feel can determine whether or not a digital visitor becomes a paying customer. Therefore, website personalization is an indispensable part of a complete omnichannel marketing strategy. Leveraging website personalization to create the optimal customer experience For the consumer, your site must be a […]

eBook: Assessing The Impact of Coronavirus on the European Automotive Industry

What’s happening in the industry, how brands are adapting, and where automakers need to focus moving forward.

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