Activating Consumer Data to Deliver Personalized Experiences at Scale

Marketers like you love to talk about the importance of consumer data. But too few marketers know how to activate consumer data to deliver personalized experiences at scale. As a result, the brands these marketers represent lose market share. Knowing how to harness signals and utilize the full value of consumer data is essential in today’s ultra-competitive environment.  Whether it’s for acquisition, experience optimization, or retention improvement, activating the insights locked inside consumer data is critical. But once it’s unlocked, it becomes possible to deliver personalized experiences at scale.  Remember that data by itself is just an asset (and a costly one at that). But if you can make data actionable—if you can put it to practical use—it’s going to stop being something ethereal and start being something tangible. You know…something that’s tangible and capable of driving revenue.

Learning how to activate consumer data is crucial for growth

Marketers exist in a growing digital landscape. One that provides overwhelming challenges as well as unfathomable opportunities. But avoiding those challenges and realizing those opportunities is reliant upon for data activation. To activate consumer data, you need the right combination of tools. The right tools will allow you to identify interested individuals and capitalize on their purchase intent with targeted, valuable engagement.  About two years ago, the Director of Gartner’s Marketing Advisory team, Alex De Fursac Gash, delivered an informative presentation at the Gartner Marketing Symposium. During his talk, he urged marketers to movbeyond personalization for “personalization’s sake.” Instead, he encouraged marketers like you to spend time creating true, individualized engagements. In today’s environment, these kind of engagements are the most likely to provide value.  Alex went even further by breaking down the potential value brands can deliver into five categories:

    1. Direct Me – Guide consumer to products of interest

    2. Teach Me Something New  Make consumer aware of new products

    3. Save Me Time – Expedite consumer’s purchase process

    4. Reassure Me – Reduce consumer’s pain of purchase

    5. Reward Me – Provide consumer with exclusive benefits

By activating consumer data to deliver an individualized engagement in one of these five categories, marketers can create more resonance and more effectively turn shoppers into customers.   Brands unable to harness signals and utilize the full value of consumer data will lose market share. Continued failure to implement data-driven marketing efforts will result in missed conversions, off-putting experiences, increased customer churn and wasted resources on disinterested consumers.

How you can unlock and activate consumer data

Zeta carries your data from consumer signals to individualized experiences at scaleWcan supplement the quantity of those signals with 750 million deterministic digital profiles in our permission-based Data Cloud.

You can combine your customer files with our Data Cloud to generate tangible and valuable insights for your organization. From these insights, you can identify real interested individuals to deliver valuable, truly personalized experiences and at scale.   Hegarty touches on using insights to deliver relevant communications “regardless of the channel.” This is key to optimizing your individualized experiences. You must be present on the right channel at the right time with the right messaging. 

Zeta empowers brands to reach individuals at scale

By using the Zeta Marketing Platform, you can map your customers to our permission-based Data Cloud, allowing you to activate higher-value engagements in real-time.   For example, what would you do if you could provide individualized value to millions of “Zacks”?

With Zeta, you can:

  • Deliver valuable, individualized experiences to interested consumers within your customer files and Zeta’s Data Cloud

  • Optimize outreach to eliminate non-viable channels and reduce media wasted on uninterested individuals

  • Implement true deterministic attribution to account for all marketing ROI

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