What is Zeta’s Opportunity Explorer?

For marketers, 2021 is going to be a year of opportunity. But how will marketers find the right opportunities at the right time? How can marketing professionals make sure they understand their customers SO well, that they can capture every opportunity to increase engagement, acquisition, growth, and retention? To help marketers answer these questions, Zeta created Opportunity Explorer—a revolutionary new tool (available exclusively through the Zeta Marketing Platform). 

Opportunity Explorer: A new, revenue-generating solution for marketers

Zeta’s Opportunity Explorer arms marketers with the unique data insights they need to understand market trends and consumer behaviors (e.g. brands, interests, and locations). As a result, marketing decision makers can better develop outcome-driven strategies that will impress everyone sitting in the c-suite. 

Opportunity Explorer is a customizable, interactive analysis environment, where marketers can uncover demographic, behavioral, and purchase intent signals from over 2.4 billion (yes, that’s BILLION with a “B”) signals. These signals are then combined with first- and third-party data to obtain marketing insights that are as detailed as they are advanced.

Opportunity Explorer provides two proprietary views—Market Insights and Consumer Insights—to help marketers support the customer journey from acquisition to retention, boosting return on investment. Each view is broken down below to help you understand their capabilities and benefits.

The many views within Opportunity Explorer

Market Insights

The Market Insights view within Opportunity Explorer leverages macro-level industry insights, trending interests, and consumption patterns across products and competitors. This helps marketers know when to re-enter the market (e.g. after a major event like COVID-19) or double-down on spend without any client data needed.

Opportunity Explorer Market Insights VIew
The Market Insights View

Within the Market Insights view, marketers can access a series of capabilities, including:
  • MarketPulseSM

Access real-time, industry-level data and analytics that predict consumer sentiment and propensity to spend across all verticals. 
  • AudiencePulseSM

Access real-time, industry-level data and analytics that predict consumer sentiment and propensity to spend across all Designated Market Areas (DMAs).
  • CompetitorPulseSM

Obtain an overview of the purchase intent and visitation of audience members in the Zeta Data Cloud for your brand as well as competitor brands​.
  • PeoplePulseSM

Get insight into the behavior, interests, and makeup of random audience members of Zeta Data Cloud.
  • Zeta Audience Solutions

Determine the unique traits of Zeta’s expansive and industry-leading people-based audiences, providing insight into the real-time interest and intent of more than 200MM consumers in the US.

Customer Insights

The Customer Insights view within Opportunity Explorer allows marketers to pinpoint the precise time and format for ad spend to drive more engagement with customers. It helps create effective, personalized experiences (by message, channel, or time) using custom-built insights. 

We can also enrich marketers owned, first-party data (including pixel data) with our Data Cloud signals to support specific use cases, essentially recreating the Market Insights view overlaid with customer data.

Customer insights view
The Customer Insights View

Within the Customer Insights view, marketers can access a series of capabilities, including:
  • LiveMarketerSM

Remarket your website visitors with more confidence through real-time scoring rooted in geographic, behavioral, and purchase signals. You can also use LiveMarketer to build high-value lookalike audiences. 
  • CustomerPulseSM

Identify solutions to use cases that drive high value business outcomes, and review learnings for future campaign optimizations.

Drive growth across the customer life cycle

Opportunity Explorer also supports a wide variety of marketing use cases to help brands reach specific goals:
  • Acquire new customers

Leverage insights to identify incremental targeting audiences based on conquesting, in-market signals, etc.
  • Retention

Target specific at-risk customers.
  • Upsell/cross-sell

Target customers based on signals for category expansion.
  • Missed site visitors/prospects

Track visitors through site and conversion funnels. Provide reports on who those people are, segment audiences, and develop lookalike models on existing customers.
  • Missed transactions

Retarget anonymous visitors, non-transacting customers, and store visitors as we identify them into their digital IDs.

A solution with unmatched capabilities

By leveraging rich, real-time signals for analysis within our Data Cloud, marketers using Opportunity Explorer can unlock a cohesive, actionable pool of market and customer insights. It’s a solution that’s more accessible, actionable, and people-based than any other in the industry.

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