Zeta’s Approach to Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising (automated bidding on ad inventory in real-time for the opportunity to show an ad to a specific customer, in a specific context) is one of the key digital investments every marketer must consider. 

  • In 2020, marketers invested 84.5% of their total digital display ad spending in programmatic—and that number will rise in 2021. 

  • New programmatic channels are now available including Connected TV, Audio, and Digital Out-Of-Home.

  • AI and personalization are now a core function of programmatic and they’re thriving in real-time activation environments.

At Zeta, we take a strategic approach to programmatic advertising to help marketers build customer awareness, engagement, and audience growth in real-time. 

A data-driven approach to programmatic

Historically, retargeting was used to tie a customer’s identity to their intent to purchase. This can now be more easily achieved through programmatic advertising. The Zeta Marketing Platform connects to a larger data set which enables marketers to not only reach their existing audience but also discover lookalikes within a unified platform

Real-time decisions using AI and machine-learning technology

The Zeta Marketing Platform uses AI and machine learning to make real-time programmatic decisions based on audience definitions developed using interest and intent signals pulled from the Zeta Data Cloud (e.g., people interested in luxury fashion). In other words, Zeta’s approach to programmatic ensures your media dollars aren’t wasted and your programmatic bids are priced dynamically.

At Zeta, we “market in the moment” when it comes to programmatic, which means we can more efficiently find the individuals most likely to convert on your campaigns.  

Zeta’s approach to programmatic also analyzes thousands of attributes (e.g. time of day, site activity, device) to learn which consumer actions matter most. This predictive technology can then be used to create a simple visual showing campaign performance improvements to better understand the moments most influential among customers.

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