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What Are On Site Recommendations?

94% of Marketers today believe that better content technology is an important part of creating more personal and engaging web experiences. Content that truly speaks to a customer makes them stay on websites longer, generate more clicks, and make more purchases. This is why using the right recommendation tool is essential. We built Boomtrain On Site Recommendations so you can give your customers unique, unmatched, and engaging experiences on your website.

Why Are Onsite Recommendations Powerful and Necessary in the Digital Economy?

As visitors and customers continue to consume and share more information on websites and social media, they expect the brands they love to understand them and respond to their needs and interests. This means that websites need to focus on creating better experiences for customers. Not just in terms of usability, but by personalizing their website experiences to increase engagement.

According to a report by Ascend2, increasing visitor engagement is a top objective for companies, and personalization is a proven method for increasing engagement, but only 19% of companies use it. Of the companies that use personalization, 36% have transitioned from manual personalization methods to automated practices that dynamically generate pages based on customer interests, behaviors, and other data. 


The study also shares that of those who use personalization, 36% have transitioned from manual methods to automated practices that dynamically generate pages based
on customer interests, behaviors, and other data. 

Do online shoppers appreciate this? The answer is: yes. A survey by Marketing Charts suggests that 45% of online shoppers are more likely to shop on a site that offers personalized recommendations. 

How Can you Optimize your Website Engagement with the Boomtrain Marketing Engine?

Boomtrain uses artificial intelligence powered algorithms that predict what each visitor might want to read or view using data points such as user behavior, geography, what other users are interested in, popular content, social media trends and a whole lot more.

on site recommendations

The great part about setting up recommendations on your website is that you don’t need to know how to code to set them up. Using our visual editor, you can customize the appearance and positioning of the onsite recommendations and display related content, products, and a whole lot more to customers.


Once you have the look and feel that you like, you can also tweak the filters for your campaigns to show only what was published most recently, exclude certain content, include articles around a particular topic or keyword and so on.

How does the BME Onsite Campaign Configuration tool work?

The onsite campaign configuration tool pops up as a new tab visible only to customers who have the tools to manage and configure onsite campaigns, as well as the script they need to integrate the campaigns into their website – this is a one time integration, after which you can use the visual editor to configure and run any number of onsite campaigns.

If you are already a Boomtrain customer using Addontrain, you will soon be able to do everything you need o create and manage your existing onsite campaigns within BME. None of your campaigns will be changed on implementation.

If you are a new customer who has opted to create and deploy onsite recommendations, you can get started creating an onsite campaign and deploy it to your website without changing any of your HTML and CSS code.

How Can I start Using Onsite Campaigns in the Boomtrain Marketing Engine?

If you want to get started with Boomtrain Onsite Recommendation campaigns for your website, get in touch with us and request a demo here.

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