Thanks for a Great Experience at Gartner Marketing 2019!

We are so thankful for all the friendly faces, valuable learnings and fun time at this year’s Gartner Marketing Symposium. If we didn’t get to speak with you in person, we hope you read some of our booth materials, got to see our Data Cloud VR experience, mixed it up at our sponsored event at Stone Brewing or at least enjoyed our signage across the Xpo. 

Feel free to jump to a section to learn more about our week at Gartner Marketing:

Chris Monberg Breaks Through the Noise
Immersive, VR-Powered Data Cloud Experience
Zeta + Sizmek DSP and DMP
Fresh Data Just for You!
How can Zeta Help You

Chris Monberg Breaks Through the Noise

We were thrilled to see Chris Monberg, Zeta CTO, deliver a compelling thought leadership session Tuesday afternoon of Gartner Symposium. Monberg discussed how marketers must activate their data to evolve their understanding of individual customers. Achieving a true 360-degree view of customers is crucial for driving meaningful experiences and capitalizing on interest and intent.

Checkout Monberg’s presentation, Dominate Your AI Strategy to Reach Real Individuals. Right Now., to learn how to bring it all together:


[slideshare id=144467720&doc=gartnerxpo2019cmpresentationv3-190508211342]

Relive Our Immersive Data Cloud Experience

Hopefully, you got to enjoy the debut of our VR experience at our booth or at Stone Brewing during our sponsored mixer. If you missed out, you can see the video below for a taste of our proprietary Data Cloud and outcome-based AI in action.

Zeta’s Data Cloud is powered by 750 million permission-based, deterministic profiles and billions of daily live signals, empowering you to:

  • Identify interest and intent from real individuals ready to engage with your business
  • Create vast intender audiences by mapping known customers to our intent-based demographics
  • Optimize outreach across channels to ensure the right people receive the right message in the moments that matter most 

Zeta Announces Acquisition of Sizmek’s DSP and DMP

In case you missed it, Zeta took an exciting step forward during the final day of Gartner by closing the acquisition of Sizmek Technology’s DSP and DMP. The acquisition enables Zeta to empower you with the precision of marketing technology and the scale of advertising technology.

Learn More About Zeta Programmatic See More About The Acquisition

Zeta Shares New Report on Deterministic Measurement

We’re so thankful for all the new marketing peers we met at Gartner that we want to share some new marketing research.

Do you struggle to obtain accurate sales attribution from your marketing efforts? If so, you’re not alone. Accurate attribution is a problem for marketers from organizations of all sizes.

We sponsored a new report from The Relevancy Group that highlights the shortcomings of common measurement techniques. Read the report to learn why you must adopt a deterministic measurement framework, like one that Zeta enables, to truly close the loop on your marketing results.


Zeta Global Empowers Marketers

Consumers and marketers are worn out by today’s endless, always-on barrage of generic messaging. It’s 2019; consumers should be treated as individuals. And marketers should be working smarter not harder to scale these individual engagements. 

Brands that invest in capturing and analyzing individualized consumer signals are distancing themselves from competitors and providing added value to their customer. But these capabilities require an abundant stream of real-time data as well as powerful analysis to glean insights. And acting on these insights at scale is an equally daunting task.  

The Zeta Marketing Platform is a holistic solution that delivers deterministic marketing at scale with signal-rich, AI-driven experiences. Our proprietary combination of data science, strategy, analytics and award-winning creative enables future-thinking brands to connect with real individuals ready to engage. We’re excited to discuss your marketing needs and see how we can help! Reach out today


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