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The Acceleration from Analog to Digital: Knowing Your Customers in the New Normal

The global economy is reeling from the impact of COVID-19. People are working from home, avoiding shops, canceling summer holidays, and staying away from restaurants. As consumer behaviors continue to change due to the global pandemic, businesses must adapt to survive. But the question is, what should the adaptation look like? How should businesses change […]

Shopping Webinar

The Acceleration of Analog to Digital: How COVID-19 Will Shape Brick-and-Mortar Shopping Forever

After months of social distancing, brick-and-mortar businesses are still doing everything they can to adapt and survive to our new “normal.”

Why Connected TV Webinar

The Acceleration of Analog to Digital: Why Is Connected TV a Must Have for Brands Today

Why is Connected TV a must have for brands today? Because media consumption habits are changing faster than ever due to coronavirus, forcing brands to rethink their approach to digital marketing. Watch Zeta Global’s Divisional President, Mike Caprio, for a roundtable discussion on the effect that the coronavirus is having on the already evolving TV […]

Women in marketing

Brand Innovators Livecast Series: Women in Marketing

The Women in Marketing Livecast series keeps our community engaged, educated, and inspired. In this session, Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer at Mary Kay dives into a range of important topics from latest trends, technologies, challenges and opportunities. Click below to view the session moderated by Zeta Global’s Group VP of Global Strategy, Cynthia Janelli. […]

Email deliverability landscape

Assessing the Email Deliverability Landscape in a Time of Crisis

The email deliverability landscape is changing rapidly due to COVID-19. While staying connected with customers and prospects is important during these uncertain times, it’s critical to remember that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do so. In this webinar, Email Deliverability in a Time of Crisis, we’ll explore the dramatic changes in […]

The Acceleration of Analog to Digital: How the Coronavirus Will Change Marketing Forever

Featuring: John Sculley (former Apple CEO and PepsiCo CEO & President, co-founder Zeta Global) and David A. Steinberg (co-founder, CEO Zeta Global) The influence of COVID-19 on the marketing industry will be felt long after the world has “flattened the curve” and the global economy has recovered—it will forever change how marketers do their job. […]

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You Can’t Beat Amazon, But You Can Learn From Them

Many of today’s leading brands are forced to be fri-nemies with Amazon. It’s too valuable of a retail channel for CPGs and other brands to avoid or fight against. But some of the productive mechanisms powering the retail behemoth aren’t unique to them.

Machine Learn, Not Machine Burn

You’re probably feeling stuck behind the curve if your team has yet to fully realize the power of AI-driven solutions. It’s time to find a way to infuse and elevate your marketing with AI. No matter where you’re at in your marketing maturity, it’s never too late to take the leap.

Boost Win-Back Rates and Demystify the Many-Faced Millenial

Learn how to cut through the noise to reach and win back dormant millennial consumers. See how you can build custom curriculums and real-time messaging triggers that empower marketers to automate parts of the win-back process, enabling scale across channels.

Signal Data, Powered By AI: Marketing’s Future State Requirements For Maximum ROI

Signal Data, Powered by AI: Marketing’s Future State Requirements for Maximum ROI Today’s marketers continue absorbing organizational responsibility and the technologies that come with that. The struggles are real, but marketers must find a way to work smarter to achieve core competencies to drive acquisition, optimize experiences and boost growth. Successful marketers are integrating artificial […]

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